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I guess I was the last voter to get this not-blammed. This was made in 2001, what else could we expect. The sorry provided in the description makes the story more sense but that's pretty messed up.

epilepsy so strong that I started break dancing.

what a plot twist

I really loved the animation in this movie and how incredibly messed up this is.

I like how what kind of genre in this animation which is actionYou should add sound and you're ready to go for more of your animations to be in the portal.

Review: This movie isn't really that good, but it has a good plot and storyline.

Good things: The action in this movie are good but there are backgrounds possibly from Google Images some are funny like Ned's Declassified but the backgrounds need more color for it to fit. Added the Sonic The Hedgehog drowning music when that one guy almost drowned. Good music added onto it the music really rocks. And i like the part where the bees get pissed off and all that stuff.

Improvements: I think you should do human bodies instead of stick figures so that it would be more realistic since it's not like the early YouTube days animation. Although i read the info down below the video. The backgrounds should be more colored in this animation. And you should add replay button next time.

CONCLUSION: I'd recommend redoing this video to follow my advices on this animation, although the plot and storyline are good.

-BMWD Reviews

Funny movie, funny humor, keep up the good work my friend.

Elvic responds:

Thank you! I'll try my darnedest! :D

Oh my god, i remember watching this video back in 2008 or 2009 when i was a kid on YouTube!

Greatest movie of all time.

Agent64 responds:

Wow, thanks!

This is why i don't use iPhones.


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